Privacy when required

Clarity when desired

Luxurious, Cutting-edge, Pure Elegance – Privacy Control


Freedom of controlling your privacy setting in miliseconds with ease of flicking a switch. ReVeil Smart Film switches from clear (power on) to frosted (power off).

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Go Green

With amazing UV, IR, Heat Radiation reduction while allowing light transmission, ReVeil SmartFilm reduces the lower energy consumption of Air-conditioners, lightings.

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Security & Safety

Apart from preventing prying eyes with <1% light transmission in opaque state, ReVeil SmartFilm acts holds the glass together if it is broken to prevent dangerous shards. Also, it serves as an additional barrier for intruder to gain entry.

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ReVeil SmartFilm is easily installed on any new or existing glass surface, offering durable privacy-on-demand. Away with the hassle of washing curtains or wiping blinds. Your window is now your curtain!

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Reveil Film Screen turns instantly from a clear transparent film into a HD projection surface at the flick of a switch This specialist optical film can be simply applied to any glass or plexiglas.

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No more protruding rail systems for curtains to ensure the most clean-cut layout of your home or office. And with 8 colours selection, feel free to create your own living ambience!

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